Itens (N)

Naricain's Demon Elixir (Elixir Demoníaco de Naricain)
A fiery black liquid that gives the user the power of a thousand demons when consumed. Gives +20 Weapon Attack for 8 minutes.
Dropado Por: -
Obtêm Do: Crimsonwood Keep Boss Rush
Necki Flower (Flor das Serpentes)
A red flower petal that used to be on the head of Red Retro Snake.
Dropado Por: Serpente da Flor Vermelha
Necki Swimming Cap (Touca Florida das Serpentes)
A swimming cap fully adorned with flowers that used to be on the head of Blue Retro Snake.
Dropado Por: Serpente da Flor Azul
Needle (Espinho)
A long, sharp needle from Pinboom's body.
Dropado Por: Ouriço do Mar Explosivo
Needle Pouch (Almofada Para Agulhas)
A pouch used to keep needles by poking the needle through it.
Dropado Por: Porco Espinho Negro
Nependeath Seed (Sementes de Planta Carnívora)
A seed cut out of Nependeath. It's poisonous, so it shouldn't be taken lightly.
Dropado Por: Planta Carnívora
Nependeath's Honey (Mel de Planta Carnívora)
Recovers 1000 for both HP and MP.
Dropado Por: Planta Carnívora
Neutral Mask
A mask made from an expressionless face.
Dropado Por: Qualm Monk, Qualm Monk Trainee
Nightshadow Badge
An emblem that marks one as a member of the Nightshadows.
Dropado Por: Nightshadow
Observações: Introcavel
Ninto Scroll
A scroll that contains an enormous amount of valuable information.
Dropado Por: Ninto
Note (Mensagem Alienígena)
A note full of descriptions on the history of the Grays and their past actions.
Dropado Por: Chefe Cinzão
Observações: Introcavel