Itens (H)

Hankie's Pan Flute (Flauta de Pan dos Hankies)
An exotic instrument played by Hankie.
Dropado Por: Hankie
Hard Needle (Nadadeira Resistente)
A hard, solid needle from Mask Fish.
Dropado Por: Peixe Mascarado, Molusco
Hard Walnut (Noz Dura)
A hard walnut that may have been nibbled away before.
Dropado Por: Ratão Negro
Harp's Tail Feather (Pena da Cauda de Furizã)
A tail feather removed from Harp. Visually pleasing enough to use as an accessory..
Dropado Por: Harpa
An old rusty light projector dropped by Trucker.
Dropado Por: Carregador
Heart of Stone (Heart of Rock)
A heart made of stone that can fill the Red Dragon Turtle's heart with cruelty.
Dropado Por: Tartaruga-dragão Vermelha
Observações: Introcavel
Hector Tail (Cauda de Lobo Negro)
A tail cut out of Hector. Brown, and a tad rough.
Dropado Por: Lobo Negro, Homem das Neves
Holy Water (Água Benta)
Allows you to recover from the state of curse or being sealed up.
Dropado Por: Fada 1, Cellion Jr.
Hook (Gancho)
A hook-shaped metal hand.
Dropado Por: Capitão
Observações: Introcavel
Horny Mushroom Cap (Chapéu de Cogumelo Espinhoso)
A cap removed from a mushroom
Dropado Por: Cogumelo Espinhoso
Horse Skull (Crânio de Cavalo)
A horse skull from the horse of Skeleton Commander.
Dropado Por: Comandante Esqueleto
Hot Dog Supreme (Cachorro-quente Supremo)
A huge hot dog. Recovers 500 HP.
Dropado Por: Emo Slime
Hov's Shorts (Tanga de Orc)
A ragged pair of brown shorts that Hov wore.
Dropado Por: Hobi
Hwabi Throwing-Stars (Shuriken Hwabi)
A throwing-star made out of steel. Once they run out, they need to be recharged.
Level Limit : 10, Attack +27
Dropado Por: Rei Goblin Azul, Rei Goblin Verde, Balrog Jr.
Obtêm Do: Gachapon (REG), Gachapon (VIP)
Hyper Glyph (Hiper Lâmina)
A peculiar crystal that seems to decipher languages.
Dropado Por: Eletrofante
Observações: Introcavel