Itens (F)

Fairy's Honey (Mel das Fadas)
It's honey, the fairies' favorite.
Avoidability +10 for 5 min.
Dropado Por: Elliza, Kyodai B
Fat Sausage (Salsicha Gordurosa)
Tastes great, and is quite nutritious. Recovers 1200 HP.
Dropado Por: Wakashu A
Fierry's Tentacle (Antenas de Fada)
A tentacle removed from Fierry. Very small and delicate, so it should be handled with care.
Dropado Por: Fada 1
Fire Boar's Tooth (Presa de Javali de Fogo)
The canine tooth taken off from the Fire Boar
Dropado Por: Javali de Fogo
Fire Extinguisher
Red Fire extinguisher that Freezer stole from CBD buildings.
Dropado Por: Congelador
Fire Sentinel Shellpiece (Blindagem de Sentinela de Fogo)
A hard shellpiece that's a part of Fire Sentinel
Dropado Por: Sentinela de Fogo
Firebomb Flame (Brasa de Incendiários)
A collection of sparks from Firebomb. Scorching hot, looking to explode any minute.
Dropado Por: Incendiário
Firebrand Badge
An emblem that marks one as a member of the Firebrands.
Dropado Por: Firebrand, Firebrand
Observações: Introcavel
Firewood (Lenha)
A high-quality firewood from an Axe-Stump.
Dropado Por: Toco com Machado, Toco Negro com Machado, Tocoso, Cavaleiro de Tróia, Cavaleiro de Tróia, Pesadelo, Phantom Tree, Phantom Tree
Fish Cake (Dish) (Bolo de Peixe (Prato))
A dish full of tasty Fish Cake.
Recovers MP 500.
Dropado Por: -
Fish Cake (Skewer) (Bolo de Peixe (Espeto))
A Fish Cake skewer which also includes a bunch of vegetables.
Recovers MP 250.
Dropado Por: Corvo, Raposa com Cauda de Nuvem, Genin
Flamboyant Petal (Pétala Chamativa)
A flower petal from the head of Flowerfish.
Dropado Por: Peixe com Flor
Flamboyant Scale Skin (Pele de Peixe Listrada)
A scale skin with flamboyant colors in tact from Krappi.
Dropado Por: Peixe Listrado com Chifre
Flaming Feather (Pena Flamejante)
A flame with the look of a feather. It never stops burning.
Dropado Por: Cellion Jr., Lioner Jr., Drake Vermelho, Selkie Jr.
Flower Fish's DNA Sample (Amostra de DNA do Peixe-Flor)
A slide that contains the DNA sample of Flower Fish.
Dropado Por: Peixe com Flor
Observações: Introcavel
Fly-Eye Wing (Asa de Olho Voador)
A wing removed from Fly-Eye. Spiky and very dirty.
Dropado Por: Olho Voador
Forbidden Gun
A symbolic weapon of mastery. Although it can't be equipped, its power is palpable.
Dropado Por: Windraider
Free Spirit (Espírito Livre)
A soul that used to be stuck on the back of Master Soul Teddy. The soul is now set free, and it's smiling.
Dropado Por: Ursinho Possuído
Freezer's DNA Sample (Amostra de DNA de Congelador)
A slide that contains the DNA sample of Freezer.
Dropado Por: Congelador
Observações: Introcavel
Fried Chicken (Frango Frito)
Well-fried chicken.
Recovers around 200 HP.
Dropado Por: Kyodai C
Frowny Mask
A mask made from a frowny face.
Dropado Por: Oblivion Monk, Oblivion Monk Trainee
Frozen Shark's Fin (Barbatana de Tubarão)
A frozen, cooked shark's fin from the Cold Shark.
Dropado Por: Tubarão Serrote