Itens (C)

Captain's Hat (Chapéu de Capitão)
A pirate captain's hat.
Dropado Por: Capitão
Castellan's Stolen Armrest
An armrest that has the word "Kamedeya" stitched on it for some reason.
Dropado Por: Castellan Toad
Cat Doll (Boneco de Gato)
A slouched grey cat doll.
Dropado Por: Gato Sábio, Gato Clérigo
Cellion Tail (Cauda de Cellion)
A tail removed from Cellion. Very soft and scorching hot.
Dropado Por: Cellion
Cerebes Tooth (Canino de Cerebes)
A tooth removed from Cerebes. Very long and massive, enough for it to be a threat to someone.
Dropado Por: Cerebes
Chaos Matter (Matéria Negra)
The dark energy denotes a chaotic element.
Dropado Por: Eye of Time, Memory Monk, Memory Monk Trainee, Memory Guardian, Chief Memory Guardian, Qualm Monk, Qualm Monk Trainee, Qualm Guardian, Chief Qualm Guardian, Oblivion Monk, Oblivion Monk Trainee, Oblivion Guardian, Chief Oblivion Guardian
Chaos Scroll 60% (Pergaminho Caótico 60%)
Alters the equipment for better or worse. Not available on Cash Items.
Success rate: 60%
Dropado Por: Necki Jr., Cogumelo Zumbi, Ursinho Panda de Pelúcia, Coelho com Tambor, Drake Acobreado, Molusco, Jarro com Ginseng, Lioner, Urso Lutador, Kargo Selvagem, Capitão, Tae Roon, Tubarão Serrote, Cornião Negro, Griffey, Homem das Neves, Lyka
Obtêm Do: Gachapon (REG), Gachapon (VIP)
Charm of the Undead (Amuleto do Zumbi)
A charm taken out of an undead monster.
Dropado Por: Cogumelo Zumbi
Charmer's Flute
Deadly weapon of Charmer.
Dropado Por: Charmer
Cheap Battery (Bateria Barata)
A cheap battery from the inside of a robot. Looks like it still can be used for a little bit.
Dropado Por: Robô
Chief Gray's Cell (Célula do Cinzão Chefe)
The DNA of an alien. It may contain lots of informatin regarding them.
Dropado Por: Chefe Cinzão
Observações: Introcavel
Chief Gray's Sign (Sámbolo do Chefe Cinzão)
A sign only the Chief Grays have. The mystical power that the Chief Gray's possess seem to originate from it.
Dropado Por: Chefe Cinzão
Chunin Poison Dart
A dart with a poisoned tip used primarily by Chunin.
Dropado Por: Chunin
Cico's DNA Sample (Amostra de DNA de Cico)
A slide that contains the DNA sample of Cico.
Dropado Por: Cavalo Marinho Amarelo
Observações: Introcavel
Clang Claw (Garra de Carangueijo Albino)
A huge piece of claw cut out of Clang.
Dropado Por: Carangueijo Albino, Rei Clang
Clock Spring (Peça de Relógio)
A tiny spring of the clock.
Dropado Por: Tique, Timer
Cloud Foxtail (Cauda de Raposa Com Cauda de Nuvens)
Cloud Fox's tail.
Dropado Por: Raposa com Cauda de Nuvem
Cloud Piece (Pedaço de Nuvem)
A piece of the cloud torn apart from a corner of the Orbis Cloud.
Dropado Por: Fantasma Estelar, Fantasma Lunar, Fantasma Solar
Observações: Introcavel
Coat Hanger
A wire coat hanger that can be bent into different shapes, for function or for fun.
Dropado Por: Fantasma Glutão, Fantasma Glutão
Coconut Husk
Coconut husk that Chlorotrap had left.
Dropado Por: Chlorotrap
Cog (Engrenagem)
An important part of a clock.
Dropado Por: Cronos, Cronos de Bufão, Mestre Cronos, Timer
Cold Eye Tail (Cauda do Olho Ártico)
A tail removed from a lizard
Dropado Por: Olho Ártico
Cold Heart of a Wolf (Coração Gelado de um Lobo)
A cold, non-beating heart of Lycanthrope.
Dropado Por: Licantropo
Observações: Introcavel
Cold Steam (Hálito Frio)
A cold steam from the mouth of Cold Eye.
Dropado Por: Olho Ártico
Observações: Introcavel
Cold Tear (Lágrima Fria)
Bone Fish's tear, which is made out of ice.
Dropado Por: Peixe de Ossos
Observações: Introcavel
Cornian's Dagger (Adaga Curva de Draconiano)
A dagger that resembles a tide which was used by Green Cornian. Very sharp around the edges, making it a lethal weapon.
Dropado Por: Cornião Verde, Cornião Negro
Observações: Introcavel
Cornian's Marrow (Essência Draconiana)
A solvent that contained the force of Cornian. Emits a mysterious color.
Dropado Por: Cornião Verde, Cornião Negro
Observações: Introcavel
Cornian's Marrow (Essência Draconiana)
A solvent that contained the force of Cornian. Emits a mysterious color.
Dropado Por: Cornião Verde, Cornião Negro
Observações: Introcavel
Corruption Scroll 10%
Use this on a Corrupted Weapon to improve the item stats.
Success rate: 10%
Dropado Por: -
Cracked Hourglass
Cracked hourglass. It looks broken but it still functions.
Dropado Por: Eye of Time
Cracked Shell (Carapaça Rachada)
A grey shell from the Blue Dragon Turtle. It has a little bit of crack on it, but it's still rock-solid and heavy.
Dropado Por: Tartaruga-dragão Azul
Crimson Heart
A dark red crystal that pulses with unknown energy, used to power the Crimson Guardians.
Dropado Por: Crimson Guardian
Crimson Wood
Resilient wood from the Crimson Tree.
Dropado Por: Crimson Tree, Crimson Tree
Croco Skin (Pele de Croco)
A very solid and tough piece of skin from Croco.
Dropado Por: Croco, Dyle
Crow Feather (Pena de Corvo)
The feather of a crow.
Dropado Por: Corvo
Crystal Ilbi Throwing-Stars (Shuriken Cristal Ilbi)
A throwing-star made of crystal. Once they run out, they need to be recharged.
Attack +29
Dropado Por: -
Obtêm Do: Gachapon (REG), Gachapon (VIP)
Cucumber (Pepino)
A delicious looking cucumber that Hadong Dropped.
Dropado Por: Kappa
Curse Eye Tail (Cauda do Olho Maldito)
A tail removed from a lizard
Dropado Por: Olho Maldito
Curse Powder (Pó Maldito)
A sparkling powder that fell from Rash. Be careful, because this powder is packed with a potent curse.
Dropado Por: Urtica Negra
Cursed Doll (Boneco de Vodu)
A cursed doll possessed by the Zombie Lupin's.
Dropado Por: Macaco Zumbi, Faust
Cursing Nail (Unha Amaldiçoada)
A nail used for curse. Make a voodoo doll, press this nail against it, and the curse is on!
Dropado Por: Bruxa Malady
Observações: Introcavel